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CGM Medisoft

CGM Medisoft V28
Practical Solutions for Hard-Working Practices

With the added functionality and enhancements in this year’s V28 release, CGM MEDISOFT is more powerful than ever before. Simplify your practice administration with this established, trusted, and affordable practice management solution. Available in cloud or local installation.

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Feature Rich For Maximum Efficiency

24/7 Access Anytime!*

You can access anywhere, anytime! Our cloud platform allows for you to be able to login whether you are at a coffee shop, on vacation, at home or at your office! Secure connection and optional Two Factor Authentication so you don’t have to worry about hackers! 

* 24/7 access anytime except down times for updates/upgrades, backups, maintenance and technical issues may vary but are normally minimized.


We will provide you with iOfficeHours, Office Hours for your phone or iPad to as many concurrent devices as you wish, at no additional cost.


CGM MEDISOFT Practice Management and EHR keeps your simplifies your complex processes and keeps those reimbursements coming in.

Internet speed as well as the uptime and reliability is always important. Like the software and hardware, this is updated and managed at all times.

Tier IV Server

No need to purchase or maintain your own server. We maintain and upgrade/update the cloud server frequently, were always on the latest and greatest.

Extensive Reports

Access to a 100+ professional and customizable reports! We provide custom report creation services, billed separately.

Access From Anywhere

Access from anywhere! As long as you have high speed internet access (these days it’s almost everywhere) and a device that can run remote desktop (almost any device can) you can log in and access the program. Anywhere, anytime!


CGM MEDISOFT is an intuitive practice management system. Deliver the highest level of patient care an establish a modern, successful practice.


CGM MEDISOFT offers fully integrated statements and patient responsibility estimates, plus an enhanced eligibility display and more.

A Simple, Affordable Approach to Practice Management

Medisoft on the Cloud

Patient Accounting & Scheduling Software

No server purchase or maintenance needed, unlimited technical support, automated secured nightly backups, no lump upfront payment required and best of all NO CONTRACT!

Our Clients’ Needs Vary

Professional Clients Deserve Professional Service. Since 1993, Ability Clinical provides software, support and training to more than 1000 practices and billing services throughout the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and Guam. Let’s talk.

Dr. Ouadi Hassine, DC

Dr. Ouadi Hassine, DC

Being voted “Best Chiropractic Office” by Orlando Magazine out of thousands of contenders, is no easy feat. “Our patients expect a relaxed office, an efficient staff and the highest quality of care.  Selecting Medisoft for our Practice Management and Billing system was the best choice by far. For years we’ve been thrilled to know Ability Clinical is always there should we run into any technical snags.” – Dr. Hassine


Equitable Billing Services

Equitable Billing Services

Determining the best billing codes to maximize reimbursements, submitting claims and providing detailed reports  for more than 30 busy practices throughout Florida, Equity Billing Services relies on Medisoft Advance software.

“We’ve been an Ability Clinical customer since 2005. In addition to our software, they handle everything from printers to file repair and backups. We don’t know what we’d do with them.”

 – Sandy Nordblom, CEO 

Dr. Richard J. Pena-Ariet, MD

Dr. Richard J. Pena-Ariet, MD

We take pride in going above and beyond patient expectations and strive to ensure an efficient and professional visit with each person. This is why we rely not only on Medisoft, but the great care Ability provides to our staff. We looked for affordability in software, but ended up with far more than we expected.” 

– Dr. Pena-Ariet, MD

Reducing Your Pain Points is Our Mission

24/7 service. Same Day Appointments are Available.

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