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Setting up a New Dental Practice
DentiMax Bundle and DreamSensors
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Dr. Trina Collins, DDS had her hands full, coordinating all the aspects of setting up her new dental practice in Norfolk, Virginia.  From office space to furniture to licensing, credentialling and more, the thought of the technology part was overwhelming.  After a detailed consultation, Ability Clinical was able to recommend the computer systems needed and found the local hardware support close to her to install everything.

The software was an easy decision...DentiMax for practice management, patient billing and charting. The "bundled" package included the Document Center for scanning, TimeClock for tracking employee hours and the very powerful Appointment Book Pro for Networks.

DreamSensor Digital Imaging sensors are the thinnest on the market which Dr. Collins wanted for those tiny mouths to eliminate the biggest screams.

Client's Comments

"So grateful for the knowledge and guidance Scott lent during the insane period of setting up my practice. He even vetted the local technical support to ensure we were up and running by opening day. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

  - Dr. Trina Collins, DDS - Clinical Director

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DentiMax Practice Management & Charting

Practice Management, Patient Billing and EHR Options

ONC-ATCB & HIPAA Certified Systems

DreamSensors by DentiMax

Award-winning digital imaging sensors

Thinnest, most durable sensors on the market!

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