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Running four New Jersey podiatry practices requires some serious practice management software and efficient insurance billing. Medisoft simply couldn't handle the pace.  After reviewing several options, TotalMD Advanced for Networks became the obvious choice.

In addition to error-reducing features (claim scrubbing, custom required fields) the software includes the new Insurance Aging Drill-Down. With a simple click, you're looking at all patients under an insurance plan grouped by their aging (30, 60, 90, 120 days) to simplify conversations with the insurance carriers. Bottom line? Fast determinations of reimbursement status; quicker reimburesments!

Client's Comments

"Very grateful to Ability's staff for quickly responding to the needs of all our offices. Our only hope is that Ability Clinical is around for a long time. Thank you!"

  - Edward Montoya, DPM

Dr. Edward Montoya DPM
Dr. Edward Montoya DPM
Dr. Modugno DPM
Dr. Modugno DPM
Montoya Podiatry
Montoya Podiatry

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