Medisoft Support All Versions

Ability Clinical, LLC continues to support ALL versions of 
Medisoft (Versions 1 through 26)


Medisoft Version 26 New Features:

  • ICD-10 Ready, which will accommodate the new code set.
  • Medisoft version 26 Network Pro has the capability to add a free app to integrate a SuperBill for your Apple mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini. Such a feature can make the use of the ICD-10 codes much easier for your practice. NOTE: Use of mobile app takes up one of your user licenses, so order user licenses accordingly.
  • Optum Edge—Powerful Optum CodeLogic™ search engine. Time-wasting searches through multiple code books are a thing of the past. Simultaneously search across CPT®, HCPCS, and ICD-9 and ICD-10 code sets using up to four common or clinical terms, acronyms, abbreviations, and even misspelled words.
  • Color code edits. Reduce research time and improve coding accuracy with at-a-glance knowledge of sex or age edits, Medicare coverage, and bundled procedures.
  • Notepad. Preview a completed CMS-1500 form before submission and export your codes to Windows programs.

NO SUPPORT CONTRACT REQUIRED! (visit our support page for rates)

We have been selling and supporting Medisoft since 1993, being one of the very first dealers to earn the prestigious Medisoft Certified Platinum Dealer Award (MCPD) in 1995 under our name of 
Med Data, Inc.  The History of Medisoft is as follows:

  • 1980 - The Computer Place, in Phoenix, Arizona developed the DOS-base Medisoft program. The company later renamed themselves "Medisoft" after their highly successful program. 
  • 2003 - NDC Health purchased Medisoft after also purchasing Lytec
  • 2006 - Per-Se Technologies bought out NDC Health
  • 2007 - McKesson Corporation purchased Per-Se Technologies
  • 2016 - eMD's purchased Medisoft from McKesson
  • 2020 - CGM purchased eMD's Medisoft and Lytec product lines

READ 2nd AGREEMENT: When installing the Medisoft program, please READ BOTH of the EULA (End User License Agreements) BEFORE installing your program.  
The second part includes agreement to annual subscription services.

MEDISOFT DOWNLOADS:  Call 407.844.0859 for FREE Downloads of ALL Versions (DOS through 26)!  

KNOWLEDGEBASE: McKesson has discontinued access to the Medisoft Knowledgebase from their corporate website. Call us at 407. 844.0859 if you have a question on ANY version.

REGISTRATION: PRINT OUT YOUR REGISTRATION PAGE. If your program is locked due to registration problems, CGM will charge $100 to look up your registration codes.  
Ability Clinical, LLC may be able to recover your registration information for you as well.  Call us at 407.844.0859 if you need help.

GREAT NEWS: If you are considering a change from Medisoft, TotalMD is a superior choice as far as features, reliability and ease of use. PLUS, it will import and convert your Medisoft data files for FREE.  How convenient is that??