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For more than 20 years, Channel Islands Family Practice & Urgent Care has been serving the Ventura County community. Their busy office provides Internal Medicine and Family Practices with the convenience of an Urgent Care center. They have been using TotalMD Practice Management software since 2014, switching from Medisoft 

TotalMD provides a flexible program for a multi-specialty practice.  The built-in customization feature for screens, reports, required fields and more, allows the program to work the way the offices does.

ANSI 5010 module was added to provide the claim formatting that most clearinghouses require.

Client's Comments

"Ability Clinical" has made the transition from our old Medisoft program quite painless and with zero downtime. Very glad we switched and that Scott makes sure we have the latest updates to maximize performance."

   - Paul Morin, MD - Director

Channel Islands Staff Favorites

TotalMD Practice Management and EHR Software

TotalMD Advanced for Networks

Busy practices depend on the time-saving functionality and robust features of TotalMD Advanced for Networks.

Appointment Book Pro for TotalMD

Daily, weekly, monthly views; custom templates; built-in email appointment reminders. Appointment Book's what your practice needs.

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